5 Expert-Approved Treatments for Thicker, Healthier Hair


We hit up the experts to learn how to make your healthy-hair fantasies a reality, regardless of how many follicles you were born with. Read on to find out why you could be losing hair and how there are treatments that could make your hair your crowning glory once again.

In the beauty industry, hair thinning is referred to as “miniaturization,” the slow but steady process of shrinking hair follicles that produce weaker strands no longer able to reach their maximum growth potential. It’s a condition that more than one-third of females are expected to experience by the time they exit their 30s—whether they know it or not.

“A lot of women see these short, thin hairs at their temples and think it is breakage or just the way their hair is—but for many, this could be a sign of hair miniaturization,” says , medical director of SW1 Clinic who has a long waiting list for his Keramax Scalp program. “Actually, it’s a sign the hair that replaces the previous one is not as thick.”

Surprisingly, according to statistics, it isn’t just men that are seeking hair rejuvenation therapies. The American Hair Loss Association reports that nearly 40 percent of the country’s hair-loss sufferers are in fact women. Triggers, unsurprisingly, include (but are not limited to) everything from hormone shifts, often following pregnancy, to stress and emotional trauma, illness, overuse of hot tools or chemical treatments, and, of course, age.

Hair loss treatments aren't just for men

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“Genetics, as well as life changes, contribute to the overall interference of hair growth.” Says Dr Lee. “And unfortunately, like most other health-related issues, the longer one waits to address the problem, the harder it is to treat”.

However, thanks to a wave of new hair targeted therapies, there’s hope at the end of our balding tunnel. Here are some of the top 3 therapies that hair experts swear by.


What you eat affects healthy hair

With awareness for internal wellness on the rise, the battle for many can potentially start—and end—with nutrition. Supplements can be enormously helpful, as they strengthen the hair from the inside out. In order to address nutrient deficiencies, hair-specific supplements such as Viviscal Professional can be helpful. Sold at certain medical clinics including , they have proved to be a big hit with both men and women looking to give their hair a new lease of life. Other over the counter options are aplenty too, check out , which harnesses amino acids to promote healthy keratin production, this daily dose is as portable as a pack of gum.


There’s nothing like getting the right actives into the targeted location where it can work its magic all day all night. That’s why many hair experts recommend a hair serum containing minoxidil such to be applied on to thinning areas. Judicious use has shown to help reduce hair loss and help restore thinning hair. If you are impatient for results, Dr Lee recommends going in-clinic to seek some professional help. At SW1, active ingredients and vitamins are infused into the scalp in a 10 minute procedure called . Combined with a lymphatic massage of the scalp and neck area, it promises to optimize the scalp circulation to give your hair follicles the best foundation for healthy growth.

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Revage 670 could help regain healthy hair


  •  “Energy-based devices such as are in the forefront of hair-loss treatments,” says Dr Lee, who has treated hundreds of patients with Revage for hair thinning issues. “Energy from the low level light sources like Revage is absorbed by the cells of the hair follicles, stimulating their metabolism and protein synthesis,” he explains. Proven effective in clinical studies, the end result could include increased hair growth as well as the reversal of hair thinning.
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